Dr. Marten Dupes

Burgundy is the IT color for Fall. So when I came across these babies I fell. Hard.

Retails for $160

Red Velvet Dr Martens retails for $160

But the price… I honestly considered getting these until I came across H&M’s version

Retails for $34.95

Retails for $34.95



2 thoughts on “Dr. Marten Dupes

    • I know what its like to want something bad so here are your options
      1. you can try a local H&M but these boots came out about two months ago so chances of finding them are slim but all H&Ms do not release items at the same time so TRY
      2.call 855-466-7467 (H&M customer service) and the best they can tell you is the most recent time a local store may have got a shipment in of the item or when is the most recent time it was sold
      3. a pair is available on ebay. type in H&M velvet boots

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