Winterize your nails

Hi loves! With the winter season often our hair, skin and nails suffer. I have teamed up with Julep to share some winter nail care tips.




Some additional things to try are:

1. Keep a small hand brush and scrub near your sink and use that to exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

2. Apply a heavy hand cream at night with the aid of steam to deeply penetrate your skin. I personally massage my lotion with the help of steam from my facial wand.

3. Always carry a nail file and nail clipper with you in case or snagged or broken nails to prevent jagged frayed nails.

4.Very important. Coconut oil! Massaging your nails with coconut oil will do wonders for your nails. It will aid in strengthening and growth.

5. Try a glitter manicure. It’s fun and festive for the holiday season AND minor chips are not so apparent.


Happy painting!


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Q-Redew Giveaway!!!!

Have you entered….

I have teamed up with Q-Redew to give away one of their hand held steamers!!! This is an Instagram giveaway. All instructions are below. Good luck! Winner will be chosen on July 25th.


Q-Redew Review

Hi Loves! So excited to tell y’all about this new product I have been using for the past couple of months called the Q-Redew.

What is the Q-Redew?


“The Q-Redew is a handheld hair steamer that quickly restores moisture, rejuvenates and reshapes hair using warm steam as mist. Used on dry hair it revives in minutes and leaves hair dry.”


I originally incorporated a hair steamer that I got for Christmas into my hair regimen. Now you may think to yourself, “why do you need both?” Here is my reasoning. The hooded hair steamer is great for deep conditioning but not for stretching the hair and is not something you can use to “refresh your curls” in between washes. I tried to do just that and my hair shrunk up into a TWA and was drenched, not what I was going for. I find that the Q-Redew is great for stretching the hair and is more effective than the daily spritz of water, aloe Vera juice and vegetable glycerin I used to use in my hair regimen. The prong attachments easily glide through the hair, making each section soft, stretched and moisturized. I also like how the prongs emulate a wide tooth comb elongating your curls and not disrupting the pattern. I find that the device works best when the water chamber is full or half way full. Below the half way point I tend to find that you spend more time on a section because the steam is not as strong so best to refill.

 I am in love with this product! Combating dryness is so much easier and effective. To all of my product junkies, all of your creams, oils and butters are much more effective when applied to hair that has been hydrated by the Q-Redew. Since incorporating the L.O.C method and my Q-Redew into my hair regimen, my hair retains moisture sooo much better. It is a noticeable difference AND my overall curl pattern is more defined now. I love how you can travel with this AND how I no longer have to wait for my hair to dry from my daily spritz. I can use my Q-Redew and go because there is no drying time. Your hair is moisturized without being drenched, perfect for the girl on the go. This tool allows you to stretch, detangle and condition all at the same time!

I will definitely be keeping this as tool in my hair regimen. So happy with this product only wish I found it sooner.

*Below are pictures of my hair post shampoo and conditioning. In the first picture my hair is air dried and I am experiencing alot of shrinkage. In the second picture is my hair post Q-Redew. Notice the difference!







Who’s ready for a giveaway?!!!!

10252026_581853355245890_2984644119052778196_n_zps4b3c5f74 photo3copy_zps64bb0980

I have teamed up with @alleycatnails to do a giveaway of there amazing nail jewlery. Rules are simple.

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Thats it!

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